Simon Oats is a master storyteller. We needed to empower our more junior people to create a movement within the front line teams of our business so we asked Simon to teach them how to create stories. Simon was a wonderful facilitator but the magic was his ability to help people break their stories down into the key component parts, build them back up into a useful and powerful structure and then deliver them with confidence. I would highly recommend Simon!” 

Daniel Murray, Senior Manager, IAG Foundation

Simon’s knowledge & skill in storytelling brought a fresh perspective to our communication. Through our work with Simon we created a very different video to past ones, and when we launched it along with an appeal it doubled our usual income. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon Oats to any organisation that is seeking to be more effective

Lisa Rossi, former Fundraising Marketing & Outreach Manager, Sea Shepherd Australia

"The workshop was excellent. Detailed, interactive and challenging"

Steve Webster, Development and Planning Manager, Palliative Care Vic


What an inspiring day. It made me rethink my stories and how powerful they could be. Totally recommend to anyone who wants to make their stories really sing!

Jo Flannagan, Business Development Coordinator, The Benevolent Society

Thank you Simon, This video is going to open up so many doors and will ensure our vision to inspire discussion about organ and tissue donation is expanded. SO SO powerful!!

Alan Turner, CEO Zaidees Rainbow Foundation