Need to move people to act?

I can teach you the cutting-edge science of Storytelling and how to use this science to craft powerful and persuasive stories.

Telling Purposeful stories is the best way to get who you want to do what you need.
— Bill Clinton


Got a service to sell? Got a cause to promote? I can help you find the right story to capture attention, create empathy and inspire action. Authentic Storytelling is the most effective way to get your message across, and to feel good doing it.


I can train your staff in the science and art of effective storytelling. I provide In-house training, tailored to your communication goals.

Stories from Previous Clients:

A powerful "Turning Point" Story from Paul Watson. I advised on the Editing of this video.

Here’s a great example of how powerful an effective story - told simply - can be. Allan Turner from Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

Simon Oats is a master storyteller. We needed to empower our more junior people to create a movement within the front line teams of our business so we asked Simon to teach them how to create stories. Simon was a wonderful facilitator but the magic was his ability to help people break their stories down into the key component parts, build them back up into a useful and powerful structure and then deliver them with confidence. I would highly recommend Simon!”

– Daniel Murray, Senior Manager, IAG Foundation