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Got an audience that’s tricky to reach? A culture change intitiative that your staff just doesnt seem to “get”, Need to garner funding for your cause?

I bring together my skills and knowledge in the science of behaviour influence with a lifetime of creative experience in storytelling and the arts to find unique, highly engaging ways of cutting through and getting people on board. Check out the examples from my portfolio of business and arts projects below and drop me a line to talk about how we can create an exciting and effective vehicle for your message


Projects from Simon Oats Storyteller


How do you create an effective fundraising video on a shoestring?

I consulted on the creation of this video entirely from archival footage to share an emotionally compelling story that inspired supporters to donate.

Through our work with Simon we created a very different video to past ones, and when we launched it along with an appeal it doubled our usual income. I would not hesitate to recommend Simon Oats to any organisation that is seeking to be more effective

- Lisa Rossi, Fundraising Marketing & Outreach Manager, Sea Shepherd Australia

How do you show how something complex and mostly hidden - urban design - affects the lives of vulnerable people?

“After participating in Simon’s storytelling masterclass, I felt well-equipped to put a story together that would tie in a global narrative with our local project. Then I worked with Simon one-on-one who helped me clarify the structure, audience and impact to curate a meaningful and memorable experience for the viewers. His insights, analyses and instincts were truly valuable for the project and changed the way I create and receive stories.”

– Julia Suh, Director, Small Shift

How do you start a revolution where every child learns to play music?

I helped musician and teacher, Woody Clark, to create a live children’s show that is also a Ukele workshop, and links to an e-course that teaches families to make music together.

“Simon understands my business and my audience, and helps to craft my creative ideas into works of art with tangible results. Simon helped me to turn an album of children's songs into a narrative stage-show; he has directed and co-written a series of Online tutorials for my Ukelele school: and is currently co-writing and directing my new live show. I love working with Simon because he is highly creative and has such a broad range of skills from writing to drama and comedy to musical composition." - Woody Clark

How does an artisan builder differentiate himself from the pine and plasterboard yobos?

Tyrone Jaspers is a Grand Designs builder. We used the true story of how - as a teenager - Tyrone and his dad built an extroardinary treehouse to show that by ‘being creative, using honest materials, the grandest design can be realised.’

“I’ve never been comfortable on camera and I hate salesy videos, but I wanted something for my website that explained my philosophy towards building.  Simon coached me to tell my story and the first time I showed it to a former client she sent it to a friend of hers who immediately hired me.  As an artist this new client was after a craftsman with integrity, and this video showed her who I am.  Simon is a master storyteller and I recommend him highly for any business wanting to tell an authentic story” - Tyrone Jaspers, Artisan Builder

How do you bring an ancient myth of love and loss to life for a contemporary audience?

Orpheus in the Underworld is a live musical storytelling, or - as one critic put it - a ‘rock opera for solo voice and guitar.’ I wrote, composed and have performed this for hundreds of audiences since 2008

‘Oats is charismatic and engaging from the moment he steps on stage and fires up the guitar… the audience is riveted. Orpheus is excellent.’ - Tim Richards, The Age

‘The story-telling is engaging, enthralling and all together exceptionally executed.’ - Sam Kelton, The Advertiser

Coldstream Stories - Creating Community pride and identity through an online platform for local storytellers

Can 2 Men tell 3 stories simultaneously whilst playing 20 different characters?

Tune in as comedy legend Michael Veitch and young blade Simon Oats transport us back to the days when radio was king with Mystery in the Air! Yes, it’s mayhem in the studio as 1947’s most popular weekly radio drama is about to go live to air. This week’s plays are two absolute corkers: a cracking horror wax museum story and the thrilling space adventures of Flash Gordon, set in that unimaginably far-off year of 1986! But there’s tension in the studio as the beloved veteran of radio, Clinton Wainright, must share the microphone with the new darling of the airwaves, dashing former Squadron Leader Tony “the Ace” Hamilton. And Clinton’s just about had it with this upstart’s complete lack of well…professionalism!

Written and performed by Michael Veitch and Simon Oats

“I have collaborated with Simon Oats over a number of projects, and can vouch for him possessing the rare qualities of being highly creative, hardworking, and greatly skilled. He is a superb writer, actor and storyteller, and to all his work, brings a deep and innate understanding of people, and human nature. He is one of the few people I have worked whose work ethic matches his levels of creativity. On every level, Simon is a joy to work with.” - Michael Veitch, Author, Actor & Broadcaster

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Storytelling For Intercultural Connections - A Handbook for Schools

How do you break down barriers of prejudice and identity?

I wrote this book of lesson plans and resources for teachers in order to assist them in creating meaningful intercultural educational experiences for students. The book contains Folktales from a wide variety of nationalities, exercises in sharing personal stories and other stuff